Woman's Hospital Renovation

Goal of Woman’s Hospital’s renovation project to foster family-centered experience

June 7, 2012

Mississippi’s first hospital built exclusively for the care of women and infants is undergoing an extensive renovation project that will transform Woman’s Hospital in Flowood into a patient and visitor-friendly facility that will better accommodate the growing health care needs of today’s families.    

One of the most visible aspects of the renovation project will be evident when entering the hospital’s grounds on North Flowood Drive. A modern and spacious covered drive-through area will replace the current canopy to offer additional space for patients disembarking and entering vehicles.   

Other exterior changes include the addition of a new parking lot on the southwest corner of the grounds; a complete facelift of the building and accompanying landscaping improvements.    

Just inside the front entrance, the main lobby will receive an extensive renovation in the form of adjoining, yet separate waiting and walkway areas to allow for easier accessibility to treatment and patient areas.  

Far from being solely cosmetic, the need for improvements at the hospital that opened in 1975 evolved through a steady increase in number of families and patients utilizing Woman’s Hospital combined with a greater emphasis on creating a family-centered hospital, said Sherry Pitts, Chief Executive Officer.      

“Our patients have been so pleased with the private and exclusive service they have experienced,” said Pitts. “Along with that boutique-like experience comes the necessity of providing an esthetically pleasing setting from the moment anyone enters our grounds to the time they leave. As the project progresses, we are striving to keep inconveniences to a minimum while anticipating a final product that will be pleasing to everyone, including physicians, visitors, patients and staff.”

Anna Rogers
Director of Marketing
(601) 936-1157