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September 1, 2011

Myth or Fact:  Significant hearing loss is the most common disorder at birth.

This is a fact, as one to two percent of infants are affected at birth. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that hearing loss in infants be identified, and when possible, treated prior to six months of age. Studies have shown that children identified with hearing loss prior to six months of age have a better chance of developing skills equivalent to their peers by the time they enter Kindergarten.

Mommies-to-be often overlook the importance of newborn screenings. Through the post-delivery haze, new moms sometimes don’t know or think to ask about what types of screenings their newborn should receive while in the hospital. Most parents know they need things like a properly installed car seat and extra diapers before they leave the hospital; however, this is the time to make sure your infant receives the proper screenings.

Peace of mind is priceless, which is why the CuddleBugs program at Central Mississippi Medical Center, River Oaks Hospital and Woman’s Hospital supports newborn screenings. While there are fifty diseases that can be identified through a simple heel-prick blood test, the number of diseases that are required to be screened varies by state. The Save Babies Through Screening Foundation is committed to educating parents and increasing awareness about the importance of newborn screenings. To find out which diseases are covered by your state, please visit

With September being Newborn Screening Awareness Month, Central Mississippi Medical Center, River Oaks Hospital and Woman’s Hospital encourage you to take action now. Familiarize yourself with Mississippi’s screening list and add newborn screening to your pre-hospital departure checklist. Early detection is vital when dealing with detectable diseases and potential hearing loss.

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Remember that this information is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor, but rather to increase awareness and help equip patients with information and facilitate conversations with your physician that will benefit your health.

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