First robotic-assisted single-incision gallbladder surgery

Woman’s Hospital continues to make strides in robotic surgery

April 11, 2012

Woman’s Hospital in Flowood is using advanced technology to bring additional surgical breakthroughs to male as well as female patients. A surgeon at Woman’s recently performed the state’s first da Vinci robotic-assisted gall bladder removal through a single incision, hospital officials announced this week.    

Woman’s leads the state in the number of minimally invasive surgeries using the da Vinci. Last year, Woman’s expanded its leadership in the area of robotic surgery by purchasing a third da Vinci system to allow more than 20 physicians to utilize the technology more frequently for the benefit of patients. Woman’s surgical team has completed hundreds of multi-specialty da Vinci procedures in a significantly shorter time frame than any regional hospital, said Sherry Pitts, CEO of Woman’s.    

Last week a Woman’s Hospital surgeon performed several robotic-assisted cholecystectomies (gallbladder removal surgery) using a single incision through the belly button. Woman’s is the only hospital in the state and one of a small number of sites across the country to offer this groundbreaking surgery.     

The procedure is made possible through new FDA-approved single-site advancement to the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System, Pitts said. The system enables surgeons to reduce the traditional number of incisions from four small incisions to one incision that is an inch in length and hidden in the belly button.    

“Robotic-assisted surgery has been a great option for patients requiring gynecologic and other surgeries, but this latest advance provides the option of undergoing gallbladder removal with just one small, cosmetically-pleasing incision,” Pitts said. “To be able to return home in hours instead of days, with minimal pain and virtually no scar, is a major breakthrough in the field of surgery.”    

Pitts said she feels the use of single-incision surgery will grow and expand into other areas as patients learn of the major advantages and more surgeons are trained to perform the procedure.    

“The advantages are so significant for this technology not to be used for other surgical procedures,” Pitts said. “The instrumentation and the vision are constantly being improved, resulting in even greater benefits for patients and surgeons.”   

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