Another Breakthrough for Women

Woman's Hospital introduces single port vaginal surgery 

April 4, 2012

Woman’s Hospital, known for offering advanced obstetric and gynecologic care for women since 1975, is announcing another breakthrough in the area of women’s health. Woman’s Hospital officials announced the successful completion of what is believed to be the state’s first robotic-assisted single incision surgery for the repair of vaginal prolapse and vaginal reconstruction.      

The procedure, termed a single incision sacrocolpopexy, was performed at Woman’s Hospital by John Baten, MD., one of only a few surgeons in the U.S. trained to perform the procedure.      

Sacrocolpopexy is a surgical procedure that has routinely been used by surgeons to correct pelvic prolapse in women. In recent years, surgeons used the da Vinci Surgical System to perform the procedure through several small incisions instead of a large single incision. Due to Baten’s innovative surgical technique, Woman’s is now able to provide patients an even greater improvement in this minimally-invasive procedure.     

Baten performed the laparoscopic procedure through a single entry point -- the belly button – using robotic assistance, leaving the patient with no visible scar incision due to a tiny incision that was virtually hidden.  The patient recovered quickly and returned home the following day. In addition, she was able to resume regular activities within a few days, a significant improvement from outcomes experienced with traditional pelvic repair surgery, Baten said.       

"This is truly a breakthrough surgical technique for women who must undergo this procedure," said Baten. "With the introduction of the single port technique, we are now able to address the procedure through a single entry point. This incorporates the clinical benefits of a total laparoscopic procedure with the advantages of improved patient comfort and cosmetic results."          

Single-port surgery is increasingly being used in other specialty areas, including kidney, bladder, prostate, colon and in some cardiac procedures. Baten said being able to utilize the procedure in the area of women’s health is a major breakthrough.     

“The single-port approach offers less pain, faster healing and one tiny scar,” said Baten, adding that the risk of post-surgical complications appears lower as well. “The absence of blood vessels and muscles around the navel area virtually eliminates the risk of certain complications that can occur with conventional minimally invasive surgery.”     

Physician referrals are not required and appointments for consultations can be made. For more information about single incision sacrocolpopexy or any other surgical procedure performed at Woman’s Hospital, call 877-907-7642. 

Anna Rogers
Director of Marketing